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Home Base Youth Dorms

The Home Base Youth Dorms are located in downtown Yellowknife and offer a space for youth ages 12 - 24 to live should they find themselves without safe or appropriate housing elsewhere. The Dorms are staffed 24/7, and youth are connected to a navigator, who works with them regularly to ensure they are reaching their goals. The Dorms are a temporary housing option for youth in Yellowknife, and staff support youth to reunify with their family when possible, or to support them to gain the life skills necessary to live independently or semi-independently. 


How to Apply

If you or someone that you know is interested in staying in the Home Base Youth Dorms, please reach out to If there are any vacancies, you will be asked to complete a referral form and a homelessness vulnerability assessment with a worker at Home Base YK. This process time varies based on room availability and number of applicants

What program do we follow?

To ensure youth are learning important life skills and meeting their goals, Home Base YK follows the 'Youth Star' from Outcomes Star. With the 'Youth Star', youth can see a visual of the areas in which they need to focus in order to be successful and transition healthily to adulthood. The main categories that staff work with youth on include:




People and Support



Choices and Behaviour


Life Skills

Other important information about the Youth Dorms:

-youth are expected to respect curfew

-youth are expected to complete daily chores

-youth have access to entertainment and wifi at certain times of the day

-youth are provided wake up calls and encouraged and reminded to go to appointments, school, and work shifts

-staff prioritize creating meaningful relationships with youth, which is important in ensuring all youth's needs are met

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