Home Base YK

Home Base YK is an organization dedicated to supporting youth in Yellowknife. All youth deserve access to safe and supportive housing - the foundation to achieving success in all other areas of their life. 



Home Base YK provides housing and support to youth in Yellowknife in order for them to achieve life-long success.


No youth left out. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Community: Maintain a culturally inclusive, safe and collaborative relationship with people and groups within our community.

  • Team: Ensure a safe and supportive work environment where staff are continually inspired and committed to empowering youth.

  • Youth: Provide safe and supportive programs to meet the unique needs of youth. 

  • Organization: Home Base YK strives to be a fiscally responsible organization based on transparency and trust.

Board of Directors

Here is the list of members currently sitting on the board. 

 Board Chair - Lea O'Keefe: boardchair@homebaseyk.com

Secretary - Courtney Jung

Treasurer - Dawn Pottinger

Director - Steve Payne

Director - Vivian Hansen 

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